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Are you looking to transform your life? I work with those who have a generally great life. Most of my clients have what most would consider a “good life”. They are usually women with great careers, often good relationships but are looking for something more. While they come from all different backgrounds and beliefs all are open to expanding their mind and beliefs to improve their life. Working with energy healing modalities beyond just talking we can go deep to release limiting beliefs and even past traumas to fully release your beautiful full expression of your highest self.

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SuZen’s Corner is here to assist you with developing a happier, healthier life. From healthy lifestyle tips to personal growth coaching & even product recommendations, there is something here for everyone.

SuZen enjoys sharing things that have helped her in life with others. She often shares DIY recipes for food, beauty products, and household items.

She also writes articles meant to inspire you to live your life at your highest, happiest purpose 😀 If it’s not for you no worries but we suggest keeping an open mind and listening to your inner self always.

We live in a busy world and taking a few moments to be with yourself and reflect is not only ideal it’s crucial for a truly happy life. Burnout is no fun. There is no such thing as perfect balance but we can re-balance as needed!

Please note that nothing is recommended that we do not believe in. If anything is health-related you should always check with your current trusted healthcare professional as SuZen is not a licensed medical professional. She’s just a regular person on a journey to discover ways to improve her life & others along the way! Some items listed on this website may provide SuZen with compensation. You are under no obligation to purchase anything and SuZen encourages you to do your own research always.