SuZen’s Corner was founded by Susan Marie (AKA SuZen). SuZen has always been drawn to helping others & exploring her world through a slightly different lens. From a young age, SuZen felt unique. She knew there was so much more to this life than what most people she knew seemed to be acknowledging. She spent a lot of time alone, exploring nature, hanging out with animals and sitting quietly reading or writing.  She later found her path taking her into a very successful real estate career. She enjoys the real estate industry as it allows her to help people every day. She spent most of her days helping her agents meet their goals & helping buyers & sellers make the right real estate decisions for their success. She quickly learned that her favorite part of the business were the humans and not so much the houses. She then focused more attention on improving the processes and relationships of the industry.

After several years in the real estate industry SuZen started being approached by agents and other business owners for guidance. So she began setting time aside to help. She now focuses a great deal of her time & attention to her coaching clients.

While she only allows space for a limited number of students, this is only because she is a firm believer in giving more than what’s expected & always your (her) best. With a small group of one on one coaching clients she can really dive deep into each individual’s needs and desires, helping them with blocks, gaining clarity, and moving forward to a life they truly love.

When SuZen isn’t busy coaching her clients she can be found enjoying time with her two sons & dogs!

SuZen lives in Florida and enjoys the warm weather, gardening, nature, healthy living, practicing and teaching yoga, sound healing, meditation & enjoying time with friends and family.