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Girl, wash your face a review by SuZen

Girl, wash your face – a book review

So, I’ve always wanted to write book reviews on the many books I’ve read in my life. So when I started reading the highly popular “Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. I knew I wanted to write a review of this one for sure. I told myself that I would finish reading it today and write the review. But time started to get away from me and I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to write the review. But here I am, 8pm and going to write it.

The feelings I got when I read this book were similar feelings I get when I hang out with a really good girlfriend. One who has positive things to say but also has truth to give too. It’s written in a conversational tone and if you are anything like me you’ll probably breeze through the book pretty quickly. The chapters are fairly short and they all end with some tips from Rachel as well. For some reason I always dig having an action step or tip at the end of each chapter. So there’s that.

I feel like the best way to provide you with the insight I took away from the book is to break it down by chapter. A couple I’m going to combine together and you’ll understand why.

So without further ado, here we go.

The book starts with an intro and then as we dive into Chapter 1, a little humor and truth. I’m not going to tell you the opening line but if you’ve watched an interview of Rachel you’ve probably already heard it. This chapter gets you used to the layout the book will follow and basically lets you know that you are just fine and should be yourself (which is a huge underlying mantra in the book in general as a whole)

Chapter 2’s Lie says “I’ll start tomorrow”. We’ve all said this and done this and then never completed the thing. In my opinion there isn’t a ton wrong with this however it’s like when you have a kid and you threaten a consequence but don’t follow through you lose all credibility. Or when you are working on a job and don’t follow through on a promise, again you lose all credibility. And, as Rachel reminds us, what about those ever critical promises to one’s self? You think, “oh no biggie” but hello you are losing faith in yourself with each mishap. So don’t be too hard on yourself but start to pay attention and try to make commitments you can actually keep. (I know many of my friends are perfectionists and never fail to follow through so ignore this but for the rest of you – think!)

Oh, in case I failed to mention it at the beginning, each chapter is a lie we tell ourself and then Rachel goes on to explain why its a lie and how we can improve. So Chapter 3 is all about thinking you are not good enough. Even the most successful people have self limiting thoughts at times. It’s human nature. But how can we relax enough, stop beating ourself up and just do the thing? Rachel will share her story and let you know that having those feelings is ok but don’t wallow in them for too long.

In Chapter 4 we hear a hard truth from Rachel where she was judging others and how it made her feel crappy for many years even after the fact. And the person didn’t even know she was being judgy it was just an internal battle she had with herself. Sure, some of you are so judgy that you might not even know how judgy you actually are however a lot of us feel bad for the judgment down the road. It’s crazy how often I catch myself or my friends casting unnecessary judgments. But I do believe we have to recognize it and then we can improve.

Oooh, here’s a good one ladies. Like a really good one. (And guys this can be you too). The belief that somehow you’ll be whole or better once you have found love. In Chapter 5 we hear about finding love.  I’m not fully the best person to speak about this much because I’ve really spent a ton of time single and loving me but I have been caught up in it for sure. Rachel shares her love story of meeting, losing and then marrying the love of her life, Dave. I’m sure he doesn’t “love” this story but it’s real and stories very similar happen a lot. Some with different endings but their’s is a good one.

In Chapter 6 we learn about how no doesn’t have to be the final answer. How there may be a different way or how to getting what you want. And sometimes it is. But here’s my favorite take away from that chapter.  Instead of thinking “why is this happening TO me?”. Flip that narrative and instead ponder “Why is this happening FOR me?” Yeah, even the really hard, not fun stuff is there for a reason. Don’t quit on yourself.

Chapter 7 was a tmi chapter but I’m sure it has it’s place for many. Rachel discusses her lack of er, sexual experiences and how she worked through that. Hey, read it. Just not out loud in front of your parents. It’s ok, she’s married.

So Chapters 8 & 9 talk a lot about being scared you aren’t a good enough mom. We all have those moments of doubt. We are doing a million things each day and no way can every aspect of life be perfect. So read these chapters, even if you don’t have kids. It’ll help you gain some perspective and grace.

Chapter 10 dives into how we mostly feel we aren’t far enough in life at any given moment. Like by this age I would have thought I would have done, achieved, had, etc x,y or z. But remember to talk to yourself nicely and encouraging and don’t be so hard on yourself. Maybe go back up to Chapter 6 and consider how it’s FOR you. I mean do your best but be ready for bumps and delays.  A part I like is the when Rachel gives the tips at the end of the chapter she mentions making the goals list but without the time limits. That’s fair.

Chapter 11 goes into perceptions we have of our own kids and any shortcomings. I’m going to go ahead and lump that sort of in with chapters 8 & 9. Not every woman has kids. Personally I think my kids really rock but they have plenty of moments too. Don’t we all? lol. I think the point is knowing that we all wonder what others are thinking about our families at times in our life’s .

In Chapter 12 Rachel shares with us how her childhood created her self as an adult. She didn’t realize much of it until attending a conference a few years back. Self discovery is so important in life and going through these processes and discovery are critical for you to accept and grow. It is not for you to find someone to blame. Not at all. Most people do the best they can with the tools and information they have at that moment but we can all do better and definitely learn from our past. Some that was in our control and other parts that were out of our control.

Rachel tells us in Chapter 13 a crazy goal/dream she had since she was young and how it didn’t happen even though she believed it so. So consider that when you dream up goals. I mean still have those big crazy dreams and goals but add a splash of reality in there too.

Funny enough in Chapter 14 Rachel tells us how she had times where she thought she sucked as a writer. Go figure. There will be haters and don’t let that stop you from creating the things you want in life! Go get em, girl!

Chapter 15 is very somber. Rachel shares a very devastating life event with us and also shares with us how that helped her to realize just how strong she was. That’s all I’m going to say here about this one. But yes, go read it!

The chapters at the end sort of feel the same to me in a way. They are about sharing challenges and being brutally honest (in her case to strangers reading her book). She’s dealt with some things. So it goes to show you that even though it looks like her life is all gorgeous and perfect, its not always that way. I liken it to how we compare our real lives with our social media friend’s highlight reel. We really have no idea what other people are dealing with if they don’t tell us. We see what they are up to and think they are living the best life ever. Who knows honestly what its like over there though. Focus on yourself and being the best YOU can be.

Chapter 19 goes off in a different direction. This one is pretty good. It’s all about diversity and different ways of life. Different races and religions and so much more. The world is changing and we are all learning and sharing more with people that don’t necessarily seem the same as us. Our younger generation are, for the most part, being raised much differently than our elders even a generation or two before us. I love this and am glad she added her backstory and growth here.

The final chapter, Chapter 20 is about needing a hero and we learn that we are our own hero. Like we don’t need to look to another person or other external place for that. It’s within us. So challenge yourself, love yourself & “Girl, wash your face”.

I hope you enjoyed my synopsis of this popular book. I went ahead and included a link to amazon where you can order it if you’d like. It’s  an affiliate link connected to my account. It’s an easy read and I think you’ll enjoy the book. It won’t take long to read and I honestly believe you’ll find at least a few great take aways in it. It’s like anything, we know most of these things but just like they say with motivation (and showering), it doesn’t last so we have to keep on with the positive mindfeed.


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