DIY Homemade All Natural Deodorant
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SuZen’s Homemade Deodorant

Over the years I have tried many deodorants. I used to, many years ago, just purchase the major named deodorants at the local stores because I wasn’t aware of the health dangers. Now I am very leery of the antiperspirants that include aluminum and other toxic chemicals/scents, etc. You are most likely here because you have similar concerns as well so I will not get into that and if you want more information google is your friend 😀

Initially, I started buying these “all natural” deodorants that I found in specialty health food stores or online. I found that either 1) They would work for a short period of time and then I would start developing an odor or 2) They would burn and leave an icky rash behind. So I started playing around with recipes at home.

I’ve been using the following now for at least a year successfully. I have no irritation and no weird smells. I am very happy with this formula. I was using a gray clay and switched to white because the gray was leaving weird marks on my skin (I wear tank tops a lot as I live in S Florida) and this was not appealing lol. Since the temperature is warm, even inside of my house, (I keep my a/c around 76-78) the deodorant will easily melt if I apply it straight from the jar/deodorant container so I wipe a bit on my palm then rub on each armpit directly from there. Way easier. You can also use a jar if you do not have a deodorant tube. You can buy them online (referral link: ) or clean out an old one you have. Hot water & soap should do the trick – just be sure to dry it well before you re-use it. I have also heard of people storing their deodorant in the refrigerator to keep it more solid.

Feel free to use your own essential oils of choice. I don’t like much scent so if I do use essential oils I use them sparingly. If you like to have more scent then just add more in your recipe.

Depending upon how much you want to make use a different measurer keeping the same #s

Ingredients Needed:

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Beeswax Pellets

Clay (use food grade)

Baking Soda (if you have a sensitivity to baking soda try using only arrowroot powder. Personally doing half and half has no caused me any issues at all)

Arrowroot Powder


Cocoa wafers or butter

Essential oils

To make about 2 containers here’s my recipe with instructions.

I melt the following in a double boiler (you can also use a large mason jar inside a pan of hot water – be careful no water splashes into your mix)

2/3 Cup Coconut oil

a splash of Olive oil

1/3 Cup beeswax pellets

8-10 cocoa butter wafers (optional)

Once the mixture is fully melted I add:

2/3 Cup Clay

1/6 Cup Baking Soda

1/6 Cup Arrowroot Powder

At the end, I add essential oils if preferred. I use scents I like & with this recipe recommend about 50 drops. More or less to your preference.

I then pour into jars, deodorant containers or any other container you may have clean & available. If you want it to set quicker just put it in the refrigerator or freezer for a bit!

Good luck & happy mixing!!!

P.S. If you try this recipe out please comment and let me know how it works for you!

Here’s what mine looks like!

DIY Homemade All Natural Deodorant
DIY Homemade All Natural Deodorant (With gray clay – leaves marks!!!)

(With white clay – leaves NO marks!!)

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