Full Moon

The Full Blood Flower Moon – with an eclipse 🌝

Ah, another full moon my friend! 🌝

Today’s BLOOD FULL FLOWER MOON (With an Eclipse!) energies can be used to your great advantage. Full moons are always a great time to re-evaluate your life and where you want to go/be. 

I created this guide to share with others some of the prompts I used to release & refocus today.

First of all, always show yourself grace and follow your intuition. If you feel like going out and being active and having fun – do it! If you feel like crawling back into bed and taking a nap – do it! 

Photo I snapped this morning on my cell phone

A few things I have been guided to sit with today are below.

  • Who are you? And answer it honestly and don’t hold back and DO NOT allow yourself to get trapped in your past story. Write out who you ARE and who you WANT to BE!  
  • What’s currently holding you back from realizing the life you are meant to live? Really think about it. You can list people, places, circumstances, self limiting beliefs, real challenges, whatever. Write them all out. We will be releasing these later 😀
  • Take some sort of action. Whether it is cleaning out a drawer or clearing a space or throwing away something that no longer serves you, do it. You don’t have to spend 4 hours purging your house but at least spend a few minutes getting rid of something that no longer serves you. It could even be canceling a subscription to something you no longer use/need. Thank yourself for clearing more energy around yourself. Mean it. 
  • Now normally we don’t discuss a lot about manifestation during the full and waning moon cycles however if you are reading this on the full moon or even up to 3 days after you can still work with this powerful moon energy this way. Think about a soul urge or dream you have that comes up frequently. What is it? How would you feel to be living that truth NOW? Write it out, and feel it. Smile and relish in the feelings that come with having/doing all of it. 
  • This evening, and you can do it anytime really but I prefer the evening/night for some reason….take your list of what you want to let go of and burn it under the full moon. I usually use a large shell or bowl to safely contain my paper. You could even do it over water to be extra safe. If you really cannot burn it you can take your paper and rip it up and soak it in water or just throw it away. 
  • This evening you can also charge any of your crystals. Place them on a plate or tray and set them out somewhere safe outside under the full moon. Bring them back inside before the sun fully rises. There are some people who say not to charge your crystals during an eclipse but my personal opinion is that it is fine and that the old rules were probably from long ago where we humans didn’t understand what was happening during an eclipse and thought it was something negative.
  • You can also make full moon water. It’s such a treat to sip on moon water. I find it so soft and like a luxury somehow. All you need to do for this is pour filtered or spring water into a mason jar. I also put on the lid to keep any contaminates out. Let the jar sit out over night. In the morning, before the sun fully rises bring the jar back inside. You can drink it all that day if you would like but I tend to keep mine around for much longer sipping a small amount here or there.  (Don’t use plastic or paper cups, find something glass to use)
  • Relax and allow for some self-care. You can curl up with a book or your journal under the moon or run yourself a warm Epsom salt bath and soak for as long as feels good. Light some candles and play some lovely spa music. Being in a place of peace and surrender to nature’s gifts allows more alignment and flow into your life.

Remember, this is your life and you are the designer of it. You get to do and be whomever you’d like. Really honor yourself and allow yourself to feel and believe it all.

I hope these tips help you soak up the energy of today’s Full Moon. Comment and let me know what you are planning, or if you are reading this after, what you did to enjoy this wonderfully powerful full moon. (This post was originally written on 5-26-2021 however these tips are good for ANY full moon)

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