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The Full Moon

Do you follow the cycles of the moon? For as far back as I can recall I have felt connected with the moon. Especially the full moon. As we come up on the full moon tomorrow, Sept 25, 2018 I thought I’d share some tips to help you make the most of the moon’s energy.

A full moon is a very ideal time to think about things that you do that no longer serve you. What does that mean? Well, have you been doing something that no longer brings your joy or otherwise improves your life? Have you been talking about things that really just make you upset? Do you have any physical items you’d rather not have? All of the above can leave you feeling frustrated & “stuck” in your current state.

Take advantage of the full moon’s energy right now and consider doing all or some of the following:

  • Throw away, gift, repurpose or donate something that you really do not need/want any longer.
  • Think about something you are currently doing or thinking about each day and allow yourself to let go of that unnecessary task or thought.
  • Let go of a negative thought you have about yourself or someone else. You may have to state this a few times for it to “stick”. Example: “I release the thought that I am not good enough to do/have/be BLANK. I replace this negative thought with the belief that I am good enough to do/have/be BLANK”. Repeat until you feel & believe this!
  • Clean out some area of your house. Even if it just a junk drawer or small shelf/closet.
  • Wipe down surfaces in your house. Have clean & uncluttered main areas help you manifest that which you do want!
  • Feel free to say NO to a request that you truly do not wish to fulfill.
  • Drink 2 extra glasses of water today. Your body will thank you.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for this full moon. Please follow my blog for future suggestions. Keep in mind these are great things to do each & every full moon.

Note: The full moon’s energy can be felt 3 days prior and 3 days after a full moon so if you missed the exact day do not fret, go ahead and work through the energies now.


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